Therapy or relaxation?

Whether you just want to unwind from a busy week or need to loosen that tight muscle, we have the right treatment for you. Our therapist knows how to treat those troubled spots and restore your balance and well-being, find out or ask your therapist today.

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing system combined with acupressure. It involves passive stretching and applying gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy system.
      $45/ 30 Mins, $85/ 60 Mins.

Thai Aromatherapy Massage

A luxurious blend of long relaxing strokes and quality essentials oils, which have various specialized effects on the body and mind, through skin and inhalation. This therapeutic treatment is designed to create a feeling of physical relaxation and calm, whilst mentally uplifting and clearing the mind.
      $45/ 30 Mins, $85/ 60 Mins.

Thai Reflexology Foot Massage

An ancient massage technique using acupressure on reflex points located on the feet, which correspond to specific glands, organs and all major body parts. It promotes circulation, relieves stress, eases tension and speeds the elimination of toxins by restoring the body natural balance through reflex points on the feet.
      $45/ 30 Mins, $85/ 60 Mins.

Thai Back/Neck/Head & Shoulder Massage

Concentrated on the back, neck, head and shoulder areas it helps to soothe away tensions in your upper body, break down knots and improve your flexibility. It also helps relieve headaches by stimulating the nerves on your scalp and the blood circulation within your head. You will feel relaxed and re-energized. Highly recommended for office and computer workers.
      $45/ 30 Mins, $85/ 60 Mins.

Value Package Massage

 Way more to enjoy your relaxing time we would recommended you to start with Thai Reflexology Foot Massage followed by one of your favorite choices Traditional Thai  Massage, Thai Aromatherapy Massage or Back Neck Head & Shoulder Massage.
Package#1     $79/ 60 mins.
 30 mins Reflexology Foot Massage followed by 30 mins Back Neck Head & Shoulder Massage.
Package#2    $120/ 90 mins.
30 mins Reflexology Foot Massage followed by 60 mins Traditional Thai Massage or Thai Aromatherapy Massage of your choice. (*No valid with any other special offers.)

Couples Massage

Share the experience with your wife or husband, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend, or simply your good friend. Enjoy a massage by two therapists, at the same time in our special couples room. You have the choice of Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Reflexology Foot Massage , Aromatherapy Massage, Back Neck Head and shoulder or Value Package Massage. 
                  $160/ 60 mins.
(Available 60 min treatment only, Appointment needed.) Please call us  06 834 1999 to make an appointment for this couples treatment.




Please refrain from asking as we consider this as unacceptable assault. We reserve the right to ask you to leave or to have you removed if you are in breach to our staff in sexual natural either verbally or physically.